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Outdoor Residential Trips for Young People

Outdoor Residential Trips for Young People Luxburg Carolath Foundation

In the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Foundation is working with Absolute Return for Kids to build the case for outdoor challenges and experiences as an integral part of both primary and secondary school education. The aim is to build a solid evidence base for ‘rite of passage’ wilderness experiences for young people in Year 10 and outdoor challenges for primary school children in Year 7.

Aside from short residential trips for primary and secondary schools, the Foundation is working with Skill Force to develop longer, targeted outdoor challenges for young people who are, or are becoming, disengaged from education. These will be undertaken throughout the school year for smaller groups with the aim of helping participants to regain their confidence and self-esteem, and understand the benefits of reengaging with their education. The trips will be followed up by intensive mentoring and support in schools, focused on helping students to maintain the momentum gained on the residential trips, and working with the school and local authorities to solve some of the root causes of their behavioral problems.