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Fundación de Luxburg Carolath

Welcome to the Luxburg Carolath Foundation, established since 1940.

Luxburg Carolath Cemetery

El Cuadrado Luxburg-Carolath (“The Luxburg Carolath Square” in Spanish) is one of the most important and oldest operating cemeteries in Venezuela. The Luxburg-Carolath Cemetary was built between 1876 and 1877 and has over 10,000 interments. The Cuadrado is privately owned and operated by the Venezuelan German Swiss Luxburg Carolath Foundation.

Hospital de Niños Maracaibo

Hospital de Niños Maracaibo is the main children hospital in Maracaibo. The Luxburg Carolath Foundation donates and provides the hospital with food, milk powder and other essentials. The foundation focuses on the children’s health and wellbeing.

World Ecumenical Episcopal Conference

The Luxburg Carolath Foundation has also been working closely with The CEEM (Conferencia Episcopal Eumenica Mundial). The CEEM is a religious organization The CEEM is the social pastoral of the Church at the services of all churches, ordinaries, religious leaders, religious communities to support their work. The work reaches different fields such as food, health, education and housing on a worldwide level.

Luxburg Carolath Foundation

Luxburg Carolath

Through our Foundation we intend to bring a spotlight to bear on some key challenges facing society today at home and abroad, and to lend whatever support we can to those individuals and organizations leading the fight to confront and overcome these challenges.

Our Causes

The Luxburg Carolath Foundation is the primary charitable vehicle, and hopes to become a leading philanthropic investor, effectively using its time and resources to create lasting change in targeted areas and geographies, based on need and on the interests of the foundation.

The Nature Conservancy Cause

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Development and Environment Protection

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Outdoor Residential Trips for Young People

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The Foundation will seek to invest in, or partner with, organizations with proven impact, using its profile and leverage to create a multiplier effect in resources, outcomes and knowledge.

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