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Luxburg Carolath Foundation Curriculum Vitae

SHIELDS OF THE NON-PROFIT CHARITABLE FOUNDATION – Grafen von Luxburg Family Foundation Fürsten zu Carolath-Beuthen und Prinzen von Schoenaich-Carolath.

FULL NAME OF THE FOUNDATION – Civil, charitable and non-profit foundation – Grafen von Luxburg Family Foundation Fürsten zu Carolath-Beuthen und Prinzen von Schoenaich-Carolath. (short name – Luxburg Carolath Foundation) Date of first registration June 14, 1940. RIF J-407785095 with address at Calle Carabobo Qta Luxburg-Carolath area of ​​historical value of the Nation and artistic and cultural heritage of the city of Maracaibo in the State of Zulia . Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

CURRENT PRESIDENT OF THE LUXBURG CAROLATH FOUNDATION (FOUNDATION’S SHORT NAME USED HERE) – Names: Friedrich Ulrich Maximilian Johann; Family Name: Graf von Luxburg Fürst zu Carolath-Beuthen und Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath. Venezuelan, of legal age, lawyer, identified with identity card No. V- 22,066,344.

Dr. jur. Karl-Ludwig Graf von Luxburg Fürst zu Carolath-Beuthen und Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath / EN: Karl Ludwig Earl of Luxburg Prince of Carolath-Beuthen and Prince of Schoenaich-Carolath)  (Würzburg, May 10th 1872 – Ramos Mejía, Argentina, April 2nd 1956). German citizen.

It is known that the prominent Colonia Tovar hidden in the mountains not far from Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, where only German emigrants reside, was developed largely with the direct help of the Count of Luxburg and his network of financial aid. The German community in the strategic oil city of Maracaibo (Zulia state) in northern Venezuela (in 1529 it was called Neu Nurenberg by the first German conquerors of the Welser house of Augsburg), which at the beginning of the Second World War had close 200,000 inhabitants and approximately 20,000 of German origin.

His political influence reached such a strong point that between the years 1942-1944 that the president of Venezuela Isaias Medina Angarita, a friend of the Count of Luxburg-Carolath, had to visit Maracaibo personally at the Count’s request several times and give an ultimatum to the German community of Maracaibo so that it would not take sides with Hitler’s Nazis. The situation in Zulia state was critical because much of the oil from the allied forces left the ports of Maracaibo and the eastern shore of Lake Maracaibo. At the beginning of the war in 1939, militants of the Nazi Party in Maracaibo such as Werner Fruchtnow, in charge of the reorganization, Hartwing Jess, Head of the western region and German Consul in Maracaibo, E. Heindereich, owner of a cafe located around the municipal market, Karl C. Porth, a relative of Marshal Göering, Rudolf Schneider mechanic of the Regional Brewery and Hans Friedrich Larsen himself, who held the positions of Head of the Gestapo and the Labor Front, loudly celebrated the victories won by Adolf Hitler and even came to project plans of sabotage until in 1941-1942 a group of Venezuelan deputies denounced the activities of the Nazis in Venezuela to President Medina Angarita, providing sufficient evidence which led the authorities to act immediately detaining between 2000-5000 Germans throughout the country who were confined in concentration camps in Barquisimeto (Lara State) and Carache (Trujillo State) until the term from the war.

The Count of Luxburg-Carolath was one of the key people in the “CPM” business merger that built the Rafael Urdaneta bridge over Lake Maracaibo less than 10 years after the end of the Second World War when Germany and Europe were in total ruins. The contract to build the bridge over Lake Maracaibo was delegated, due to the political influence of the Luxburg-Carolath family, to German companies in which there were personal friends of Karl von Luxburg since the 1930s.

Walli Paula Luise, Countess of Luxburg, Princess of Carolath-Beuthen and Princess of Schoenaich-Carolath (maiden name Hasse), (in German: Walli Paula Luise Gräfin von Luxburg Fürstin zu Carolath-Beuthen und Prinzessin von Schoenaich-Carolath (geb. Hasse) (Berlin, July 5, 1921 – April 28, 2009) was a German-Venezuelan philanthropist, also known as “El Ángel de Trujillo” for her humanitarian activities in Venezuela.

Walli Paula Luise Gräfin von Luxburg Fürstin zu Carolath-Beuthen und Prinzessin von Schoenaich-Carolath. (Berlin, July 5th 1921 – 28th April 2009) Venezuelan German citizen, Identity number: V- 2005944

In 1943, Walli Paula Luise Hasse traveled as a Red Cross volunteer to Maracaibo Trujillo and Barquisimeto Venezuela to settle there to help Germans detained by the Venezuelan government, which was divided by the conflicts of the five colonies in the country during the Second World War, during the first visit with his assistant Mercedes Claire d’Andrimont they found inhuman conditions in the barracks. As a consequence of these crowded conditions, the predominant diseases were malari & typhus, for these reasons there was a shortage of beds, blankets, water and laundry service. Typhoid, starvation, or diarrhea resulted in a mortality rate of up to 25%. Hasse and d’Andrimont successfully summoned the Venezuelan authorities to give better care to the inmates and the help organized by the Red Cross of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The measures were successful: In the Trujillo fields, mortality decreased over time to 30%.

After the Second World War, she worked as a teacher in Lagunillas and Ciudad Ojeda (Zulia state). Starting in the 1950s, she helped German returnees in Venezuela, the children of deceased inmates and prisoners of war who emigrated from Europe to Venezuela with the German sanatorium in Maracaibo, Zulia State. She worked from her home in the Bolívar municipality, Maracaibero district, where she founded a home for orphaned children; Former German Ambassador Dr. Karl-Ludwig Count of Luxburg Prince of Carolath-Beuthen and Prince of Schoenaich-Carolath (German: Dr. Karl-Ludwig Graf von Luxburg Fürst zu Carolath-Beuthen und Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath, was his great support in the development and maintenance of the home-home. In 1960 she led a short tour of several months of conference in Germany in which 80,000 DM are gathered to build other home-homes for orphaned children in Venezuela. In the same year, she got married in Maracaibo, Zulia State, with the correspondent and “great-nephew of Karl-Ludwig” Jörg Otto Erich Johann Count of Luxburg Prince of Carolath-Beuthen and Prince of Schoenaich-Carolath (in German: Jörg Otto Erich Graf von Luxburg Fürst zu Carolath -Beuthen und Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath) On August 17, 1963, her first son, Friedrich Ulrich Maximilian Johann Count of Luxburg, was born in Germany Prince of Carolath-Beuthen and Prince of Schoenaich-Carolath (German: Friedrich Ulrich Maximilian Joha nn Graf von Luxburg Fürst zu Carolath-Beuthen und Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath). In total she had 3 sons and a daughter. In 1972 she was followed to lectures throughout Europe and then in 1998. She then returned to Germany for health reasons. The non-profit Luxburg-Carolath Foundation operates under the command of Countess Walli’s Mallorian son to continue his mother’s humanitarian work. Walli Paula Luise Hasse died in Berlin in 2009 from heart failure. Her final resting place is in the Berlin Germany cemetery. There are plans to transfer the remains of Countess Walli to El Cuadrado Cemetery in Maracaibo Venezuela.


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