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Fundación de Luxburg Carolath

Welcome to the Luxburg Carolath Foundation, established since 1940.

Luxburg Carolath Foundation

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Support to fund Luxburg Foundation’s activities and programs is obtained through private and corporate donations. Luxburg Foundation is a private foundation.

Luxburg Carolath Foundation

Support Great Causes

Because Fundación de Luxburg Carolath is a volunteer organization, more than 80% of your donation goes directly to providing charity work in Venezuela.

Luxburg Carolath Foundation

Make a Positive Impact

We strive to support causes that we believe in and that will make a marked positive impact on many lives, as our way of giving back to humanity through charitable causes.

Luxburg Carolath Foundation

Luxburg Carolath

Through our Foundation we intend to bring a spotlight to bear on some key challenges facing society today at home and abroad, and to lend whatever support we can to those individuals and organizations leading the fight to confront and overcome these challenges.

Our Causes

The Foundation of The Counts and Countess of Luxburg is the Patrons’ primary charitable vehicle, and hopes to become a leading philanthropic investor, effectively using its time and resources to create lasting change in targeted areas and geographies, based on need and on the interests of The Counts and Countess of Luxburg.

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The Foundation will seek to invest in, or partner with, organizations with proven impact, using its profile and leverage to create a multiplier effect in resources, outcomes and knowledge.